0 5 Dec 2013

How Refunding Users is Healthy for your Web Business!


Did you know that by refunding more you are actually helping your business?

Studies show that 20% of customers who do not receive their refund will call their bank and issue a charge back.

At call center service we are very aware of how charge backs can affect your business and make you lose merchant accounts.

Any e-business is not allowed to go over 1% of charge backs. This means that out of all your revenue and transactions, you are not allowed to go over 1% of customers calling their bank and claiming they do not know where the charge came from.

In the early days when the web was less regulated, you could have had charge backs as high as 10%, but as the internet got more regulated, the charge back allowance was brought to as low as 1%, just as offline businesses by the way.

At call center service we know the inside and outs of operating a web business. That is why, when you partner with us, we help you keep your charge backs in line by giving superb customer service and identifying the right time your customers need to be refunded.

0 22 Nov 2013

How Can Live Chat Support Help My Online Business?

Live chat support can help your business tremendously. In fact, 70% of people who want to make a purchase on your website don’t actually go through with the final transaction. A live customer service agent through live chat support can direct, help and answer any questions the potential buy may have.

Keeping in touch through live agents and informing your potential buyers of discounts, promotions, and other informative discussions can really help boost your sales.

Live chat makes your customers and visitors feels secured and aware that there is a real company behind the product and/or services offered.

As a call center solution, we always offer our clients the best tools. Live chat agents are highly recommended and sure do bring back their low cost investment.

Contact us today and see how we can help you increase sales.

0 11 Jan 2013

How We Operate

At Call Center Services, we work with you to identify your needs and goals. We learn the inside and outs of your business and put ourselves in your customer’s mind set.

By identifying the experience your customer goes through, we are able to create the best customer service solution for your business. Being able to understand your business model, helps our team become a part of your company resulting in great customer service, increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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0 22 Dec 2012

Industries CCS Operates Customer Service Solution

  • Health and Beauty
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Gaming
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Higher Education
  • Utilities
  • Tourism
  • Binary Options
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Health Care