Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you offer customer service support for?

At CCS we offer our services to pretty much every industry. Though we have strong and comprehensive knowledge in web based businesses, we can offer service to offline companies as well. Our agents are extremely fast learners and can be trained to sell and support any type of industry.

Some industries we support: Health and Beauty, People Search, Adult, Gaming, Telecommunications, Binary options, Stocks, Music services, travel, credit, loans, education and more.

What do your services include?

Our company is built on the core value of being very dynamic. We tailor our solutions for each client and help them drive success through giving them the exact solution they need.

We offer: Phone support, email support, live chat, web registration, charge back support, telemarketing and more.

Do you offer dedicated agents?

Of course, we offer dedicated full time agents with the ability to operate 24/7

Do you offer shared agents?

Of course, we offer full time shared agents, with the ability to operate 24/7

Do you offer toll free numbers?

At call center services we offer the ability to obtain and purchase toll free numbers. We also offer the opportunity to host the number with us and the ability to get a large number of concurrent calls.

What is the minimum number of agents you offer per customer?

You can start working with as little as 1 agent for your campaign and have as many as 500 agents for your campaign.

Do you offer email support?

Sure. We offer email support with custom templates built by either call center service or the client.

Do you offer charge back support?

Yes. We are very familiar with charge backs and the need to respond to every charge back. We offer charge back support.

Do you offer live support?

Sure. We offer as much as 24/7 live chat support done through various live chat partners.

Are your services customizable?

Yes. We can work with you and your business to best fit our customer service and call center solution, in order to increase your user value and customer satisfaction.

Where are your call centers located?

Our call centers are located in U.S, Spain, Philippines and Russia.

How does your pricing work?

We charge a per hour rate or per month rent for every agent. Shared agents are typically less costly then dedicated agents.

Do you offer incoming customer service?

Sure, we offer support and customer service for incoming calls, emails, chat and more.

Do you offer outgoing telemarketing for products?

Yes. We offer outgoing telemarketing services for in house data or purchased data.

Do you offer data for outgoing telemarketing?

Yes. We have partners who have unique, converting data to help sale your products, separated by gender, age and more.

Are your support & customer service hours fixed?

Our support hours are as flexible as they come. We can work with you to best fit your hours of operations need at your time zone.

Do you offer 24/7 customer service?

Yes. We offer 24/7 customer services for all time zones.

Do you offer any other services besides call center and customer services?

Yes. We offer SEO services, web development services, data services, web design services and consulting.