What is a…

Call Center
A call center is referred to a large location or a large office where a large amount of inbound and outbound calls are handled. In most cases, a call center is related to customer service and is often called an “outsourced” solution. This means that call centers are usually leased by small to large companies to handle their customer service calls or telemarketing calls.
When referred to an agent in relations to call center; it is meant to a customer representative employee. The agent is a dedicated employee that handles calls on the floor of the call center. Some agents are shared between companies and others are dedicated to a particular company.
Toll Free Number
A toll free number is usually an 800, 866, or 877 prefixed number that is used by companies as their support telephone number.
Support Scripts
A customer service script is usually referred to a message the company is trying to convey to their customer in relations to their policies. An example may be, “No refunds after 60 days”.
An IVR is a dynamic voice technology system that allows a computer to interact with humans based on response patterns. IVR are used by companies in call centers to better services clients and customers. Companies are using IVRs more and more as it helps handle and direct their customer’s to the best possible solution at the shortest time.
Live Chat
Live chat solutions are used by web companies and help them get perspective clients more engaged with their services. Live chats are proven to be very effective for ecommerce and web support.
Brand Care Specialists
These are usually agents who are dedicated to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. They follow up with customers and often survey their opinion about their customer care experience.
Quality Assurance
This is usually done by a dedicated agent for each team to ensure every agent is doing the job they should be doing with opening statements, closing statements and the offerings the business may have put in place.